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Fit Trainer

Complete workout nutritional system!

FIT TRAINER isn’t your typical workout formula… it’s much more. FIT TRAINER is a complete workout nutritional system designed to amplify your workouts and enhance your performance in the gym while providing benefits unlike other pre-workout products  to help you achieve the muscular, sculpted body you desire.

FIT TRAINER activates multiple biological processes during workouts, including neurotransmission (FOCUS), central nervous system stimulation (ENERGY and FAT BURNING), peak muscle contraction (POWER), vasodilation (PUMP) and lactic acid buffering (ENDURANCE). These physiological benefits will help you train harder, faster and longer, while experiencing stronger muscle power, pumps and muscle endurance.

FIT TRAINER Continues to Work Even After Your Workout with Cortisol-Reducing Muscle Protection.
After strenuous workouts, you are susceptible to muscle wasting and fat storage due to high elevations of the catabolic hormone cortisol. FIT TRAINER helps prevent the catabolic catastrophe with the patented and clinically researched cortisol reduction agent CortiFit. With CortiFit, you get extra critical muscle protection

FIT TRAINER Continues to Rev Up Your Metabolism After Your Workout.
FIT TRAINER contains researched ingredients to help boost your metabolism during your workout and keep it elevated for hours after your workout so you can continue to burn fat and get the ripped, muscular physique you’re striving for.


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